Broomtree Ministry was created to help people find a way to simply know how to come to Jesus again. This name is taken from I Kings 19 where the prophet Elijah ran into the wilderness to escape the murderous Queen Jezebel. All Elijah could do was crawl under the broom tree exhausted, hungry, fearful, and perhaps just a wee bit whiney. After eating, sleeping, and recovering, Elijah heard God in the quiet of a thin whisper.

It’s what those in leadership, ministry, or the creative arts forget. That they need the same things they provide for those to whom they minister and create for—a place to be refreshed, replenished, reconnected, and refueled. A place to quiet the demands of the world and to hear God again in his gentle whisper, in what in Hebrew literally means “thin silence.”   A safe place to honestly process the deep fears few others have time to hear

Broomtree is not a program. It’s just a simple place with a simple listener. A place to reconnect with God, to hear his voice, and to re-find your voice.  To face your fears. To briefly whine. A place to figure out how to recover your life and find real rest.

Broomtree offers individuals and small groups ways to “Come to Him” through ancient-proved spiritual practices such as lectio divina (sacred reading), examen, and rule of life.